32 before 32

17 February 2015

I started this list a few months ago right after my 31st birthday.  It's been a bit of a work in progress, but I'm really optimistic about being able to cross many of these amazing things off the list in the next 10 months before I turn 32!

32 before 32

1. Have my ear surgery with a happy and supported recovery
2. Swim with whale sharks
3. See a bioluminescent bay
4. Take a glass blowing class
5. Visit a manatee sanctuary
6. Explore Mayan ruins
7. Learn a traditional Belizian dish
8. Take at least two trips to new places
9. Make bagels from scratch
10. Finish an embroidery project
11. Attend Chocolatefest 2015
12. Host a themed party
13. Have brunch at: Beast, Roman Candle, and Olympic Provisions
14. Send a surprise gift to a friend
15. Find a new therapist that I can grow with
16. Grow my savings account by at least 25%
17. Make fruit wine from scratch
18. See the Painted Hills
19. Teach a canning class
20. Learn to scuba dive
21. Prioritize friendships that matter
22. Rent a house on the coast or mountains for a girls weekend
23. Plant a fall garden
24. Clean out my closet and donate
25. Write 3 guest blog posts (Maybe for YOU?! Get in touch!)
26. Rebrand my blog
27. Wear a dress every day for 2 full weeks
28. Start the process of buying my first home
29. Pay off all my debts
30. View a meteor shower
31. Set up my perfect bar cart for the house
32. Use my 32nd birthday as an excuse to travel somewhere new

I'm headed to Belize in just 6 short weeks to swim with whale sharks, learn scuba diving, and exploring Myan ruins!  I absolutely can't wait for this trip!

What are your plans/goals for the year?


  1. I would love to take a glass blowing class! It is on my list.

  2. That is a fantastic list! And, your blog looks amazing... it has been a while since I've dropped by the web version. Love the clean layout.


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