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12 Nerdy Cupcakes That Any Geek Can Make!

06 January 2013

Two things that I really like are cupcakes and things that are nerdy.  You know what I don't like so much?  Spending hours and hours trying to do detail work on cupcakes.  And so, I give you 12 awesome nerd-tastic cupcakes that are not only awesome looking, but also relatively easy to make!

These amazing Dr. Who cupcakes with free printable wrapper download!

This Storm Trooper cupcakes are super easy to make - just a cupcake + marshmallow + food safe marker = BAM!  I was so inspired, that I made these gems for my coworker's birthday last month!

Harry Potter butterbeer cupcakes 

Super simple Kirby cupcakes!

Easy zombie cupcakes. What?  You don't have a photo of your friends dressed as zombies like I do?  That is weird, but you could just use some clip art, cardstock, and toothpicks to make zombie-riffic cupcake picks of your own.  The blood is just a bit of red gel food coloring + water - take it outside and dip a fork in it for blood splattering fun!

Braaaains...delicious chocolate ganache filled brains!

Nerds cupcakes...for nerds! 

Don't really want to decorate cupcakes at all?  It's ok, just use these rad robot cupcake molds instead!

Now go forth and spread some sweet nerdy love!

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