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32 before 32

17 February 2015

I started this list a few months ago right after my 31st birthday.  It's been a bit of a work in progress, but I'm really optimistic about being able to cross many of these amazing things off the list in the next 10 months before I turn 32!

32 before 32

1. Have my ear surgery with a happy and supported recovery
2. Swim with whale sharks
3. See a bioluminescent bay
4. Take a glass blowing class
5. Visit a manatee sanctuary
6. Explore Mayan ruins
7. Learn a traditional Belizian dish
8. Take at least two trips to new places
9. Make bagels from scratch
10. Finish an embroidery project
11. Attend Chocolatefest 2015
12. Host a themed party
13. Have brunch at: Beast, Roman Candle, and Olympic Provisions
14. Send a surprise gift to a friend
15. Find a new therapist that I can grow with
16. Grow my savings account by at least 25%
17. Make fruit wine from scratch
18. See the Painted Hills
19. Teach a canning class
20. Learn to scuba dive
21. Prioritize friendships that matter
22. Rent a house on the coast or mountains for a girls weekend
23. Plant a fall garden
24. Clean out my closet and donate
25. Write 3 guest blog posts (Maybe for YOU?! Get in touch!)
26. Rebrand my blog
27. Wear a dress every day for 2 full weeks
28. Start the process of buying my first home
29. Pay off all my debts
30. View a meteor shower
31. Set up my perfect bar cart for the house
32. Use my 32nd birthday as an excuse to travel somewhere new

I'm headed to Belize in just 6 short weeks to swim with whale sharks, learn scuba diving, and exploring Myan ruins!  I absolutely can't wait for this trip!

What are your plans/goals for the year?

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

31 December 2014

Well, it's about that time for a cliche year end wrap up post!  2014 had a rough start with a major, scary surgery and leaving the security of full time employment, but I'm really proud to say that it turned around and really turned out to be full of exciting adventures, connecting with friends and family, and lots of beautifully perfect moments.  There was some heartbreak in there as well, but overall - it was exactly the kind thriving life I intended it to be.

Here are my highlights of 2014:

  • + Left a job that was draining me.   
  • + Had brain surgery and recovered with a lot of support from my amazing husband and friends. 
  • + Took an amazing trip to Thailand by myself and learn a lot about strength and independence while visiting an elephant sanctuary, falling in love with night markets, cuddling full grown tigers, learning to cook Thai cuisine, snorkeling the Adaman Sea, celebrating Songkran, & so much more!
  • + Found an great new job and got to travel to NYC twice and train and connect with amazing coworkers.  Helped open a brand new office.
  • + Completed the 100 Happy Days challenge
  • + Co-hosted a bridal shower & got to stand beside a beautiful couple as they said their vows.
  • + Took in two foster kittens, 2 foster puppies, and one adult foster dog. 
  • + Spent 4th of July at the Oregon Coast with on of my best friends and her beautiful family.  
  • + Spent a night in a sweet airstream trailer on a goat cheese farm and finally got to see Crater Lake.  
  • + Did a lot of wine tastings in beautiful locations.  
  • + Saw Joan Jett at the Oregon State Fair with good friends.  
  • + Harvested food and made lovely meals from my garden. 
  • + Lost someone who was near and dear to my heart and learned new ways to mourn.  
  • + Visited my parent's in their new home in North Carolina and connected with my extended family. 
  • +Went bungee jumping.  

This New Year's Eve finds me at a 180 from where I was one year ago.  I'm less afraid of the future and I am feeling more in control of my life than ever before.  I'm deeply aware that life is always going to be a series of highs and lows and perfection is a myth.  I'm staying optimistic about the new year and I can't wait to make it my own.

I'm setting intentions for 2015 to be a year of adventure and love.

In 2015 hope to...
Keep working towards growth - set tangible goals for home buying, learn new things, and say yes to adventures
Take more time to appreciate my life as it is - send more letters, show gratitude for the people I love, and take time to enjoy the present moments
Do things that scare me - try new recipes, go on adventures, and redefine my comfort zone.

What are you looking back on or looking forward to today?

52 Lists: Summer Goals

22 May 2013

I've been getting really excited about summer lately!  Portland becomes so vibrant and alive in the summertime and my day planner is already starting to fill up with wonderful events and things to look forward to! 

I can't wait to go on some wonderful day trips and adventures with friends - this summer I hope to be able to go camping for the first time since I was a child, swim in the Sandy River, explore Tacoma (I hear there is a cute zoo & an amazing bridge of glass there), bungee jump, and just say yes to as many adventures as I can!  There may even be a visit with a a baby sloth in my future!!

Of course summer is also the perfect season for canning, gardening, and yard sales - 3 of my very favorite things.   The kitchen is a hard place to be in the heat, but I plan on using the heck out of the grill & I breaking out that new ice cream maker that I picked up last year.  

A lot of these goals of course correspond with my 30 before 30 list - 6 months to make it all happen!  I think I am well on my way!

This list totally has me amped for the next few months!   What are you looking forward to this summer?

52 Lists: Places I Want to Go & Spring Cleansing!

12 March 2013

I missed a week last week with our trip, so I am catching up on the 52 Lists with a double entry!

The first one is full of places I want to go.  This year so far has been full of adventures and kicking huge items off my bucket list and into reality and it just makes me even more hungry for adventures and immersing myself in wonderful new experiences!  There is still a huge wide world to see and I want to see as much as possible, so this is really just a small glimpse.
The second list is all about cleansing for spring.  What a wonderful thing to think about!  We've had a few really beautiful days in Portland lately and the birds seem to be chirping and I know that it is almost time for the cherry blossoms to bloom, so it has me really excited for spring.  Before it comes though, I do think that taking the time to cleanse my life a bit and get all the loose ends tied up will really help me to enjoy and relish in the season!  I think I will start with that baking cabinet reorganization that I've been meaning to do for months!

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

02 January 2013

I know it sounds cliche, but I am starting 2013 with a truly new start.  This year is about rediscovering a new kind of joy and a new life for myself.  I am challenging myself to not put my whole self-worth into any one thing, but rather into myself and all the dynamic things that make me who I am and that make me happy.   I think this is why am picking up this blog again - it is with a renewed sense of excitement and a new set of priorities.

2012 has been a year full of ups and downs for me.  It has been a year of heartache, lost friendships, health issues, and a recent departure from a job that had grown to be a part of me.  More importantly, 2012 has been a year of amazing and wonderful things & I want to cherish those things.

Highlights of 2012...

Planned my dream wedding & married my best friend
Had surgery to restore my hearing dramatically
Got 2 amazing new tattoos (and found myself a wonderful new tattoo artist)
Had an amazing bridal shower & bachelorette party thrown by 3 of the most amazing friends a girl could ask for
Made massive amounts of jam & some pretty epic cupcakes
Fostered 6 tiny kittens
Visited Atlanta & San Jose for the first time

I am looking forward to 2013.  Though I am feeling a little intimidated by stepping into this next chapter of unknown, I am optimistic.

In 2013, I hope to...
Visit amazing places I've never seen before
Find a job that allows me to have a balance in my life
Rediscover the things I love about my personal life
Be more adventurous & fearless
Make new friends (and appreciate the ones I have)
Get more organized
Blogging tips