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Baking Cabinet Organization + Kitchen Label Freebies!

17 April 2013

I have been hard at work getting lots of spring cleaning projects done around the house & my baking cabinet was a big one for me.  When we moved into our house, we didn't have a whole lot of counter space or storage, but we did have a nice big kitchen with plenty of open space.  In order to take advantage of the space and fix the lack of counter space issue, I found this a roomy old dresser with plenty of storage space at a thrift store a few years ago.  I decided that it would be perfect to store all of my mountains of special baking supplies.

Of course, extra space for me often means extra messy junk drawers & it was really quite a mess of good intentions gone bad.  This week, I tackled it all and I am delighted to have a nice, organized accessible place to inspire baking projects! 

Armed with some dollar store bins, I organized all the drawers and now all of my decorating tips, extracts, and sprinkles are right where they should be.

I used a tall jar (I believe it is intended for spaghetti) to get all of my cupcake wrappers under control...and it just looks pretty darling on the counter!

I buy the vast majority of my baking supplies in bulk, so I needed an organization system to get all the bags under control & let me easily know when I needed to add them to the grocery list.  I got some cute Ikea jars & now all primary baking pantry items are right at my fingertips!  And of course I needed to make them a little extra cute if they were going to be out on display, I designed these adorable labels.

And just in case you need some labels to help inspire your cleaning, I'd love to share them with you!

Tidy Tuesday : Wrapping Paper Organization!

15 January 2013

A few years ago, I bought one of these stand up wrapping paper containers at a yard sale thinking it would make me organized.   In reality, it was just a big awkward catchall for me to throw any and all gift related junk into and it took up valuable closet floor space.   I genuinely love the holidays and making pretty birthday packages and I dream of one day being able to have a gift wrapping station just like Martha Stewart, but that just isn't very practical for now.   For now, I will settle for this handy giftwrap redo.

I wanted something that could hand in my craft room closet and stay out of the way, so I bought this beauty from amazon for less than $10 (beware, you probably should also plan to buy a heavy duty hanger with it as well because if you have an arsenal like I do, your plastic hanger will break in a minute) and I love it.  

Now, I can easily see everything that I own at a glance and just be able to grab and wrap.  It has multiple pockets so that I can fit all kinds of sizes of wrap as well as tissue paper and gift tags.  The only real issue is that it didn't have space for my gift bags or ribbon.

My solution was picking up a swing arm pant hanger (like this) from Target.  It gave me plenty of room to store all of my ribbon & also have a few layers for all my gift bags.

I am pretty excited that I now have extra floor space in my closet and my wrap, ribbon, and gift bags are all perfectly organized.  Never again will I scramble to make the perfectly wrapped gift!

Tidy Tuesday : Nail Polish Organization!

08 January 2013

A friend recently reminded me that even though the prospect of establishing more organization in my life is a daunting task, it's really just all about the tiny pieces that make up the whole.  And so, rather than some insane life renovation in one day, I will be challenging myself to organize at least one area of my home or life in the next few weeks.   I will win the war on clutter through these tiny battles.

I am starting with my nail polish.  I have a lot of nail more than any person could need in their entire lifetime, but I have come to peace with this obsession.  What I have not come to peace with is the way the nail polish is all over my home and how I probably have 3 of the same color because I can never find it when I need it.

I am embarrassed to say how much thought and research went into this decision, but the system I have decided on is a simple under the bed storage bin that I already had (which just so happens to fit perfectly under my couch in the living room - where I do my nails).  I picked up about 12 clear drawer organizers in a few sizes (I got mine at Fred Meyer, but you can find different styles almost anywhere).  These fit perfectly and allow the nail polish to stay in place when I move the tub and it also allowed me to easily organize by color and have a special place for the konad, stripers, files, and other miscellaneous supplies.

I am pretty thrilled.  I can now see exactly what I have so that the next time I go to the store and see a color I just need to have, I can really honestly tell myself that I have way too much purple and maybe even resist the temptation.  I also love that it puts my hoard out of the way, but I can still access it super easily whenever the mani mood strikes.  

Ellie approves of organization!
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