Havest Time!

05 September 2010

Well, it was a weird summer in Portland to decide to try out gardening. The summer was very mild and it certainly took it's time getting here. Many farms in the area also fell victim to this weird weather pattern and late coming of summer and our typical bountiful northwest produce has been slowed and been a little inconsistent.

Picture 444
My side garden - zuchinni, squash, peppers, and 4 tomato plants. I also have a salad garden - cucumbers, cherry tomato, bannanna pepper, greens, and eggplant in front.

I'm still pleased as punch for the little bit of harvesting I've been able to to do! I've always been loved making recipes with local produce, but there is something so special and wonderful about picking it straight from your front yard and creating a nurishing meal. Overall, my first year as a gardener was a success! I learned quite a bit along the way (mostly about spacing...when the little tag says 2 feet between the plants, it means it) and I'm already dreaming of how I will improve my garden next year.

This is my first little tomato harvest. It was made into a savory tomato-basil jam - details coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!
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