Awesome Last Minute Costume Tutorial : Taxidermy Deer!

31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

I always struggle with Halloween costumes every year - I have big dreams of doing something awesome and "ooooh" and "aaahhh" worthy, but really when it comes down to it I don't really find the time to put a lot of time an effort into making something I will wear for one night.  Same goes with money...I just can't fork over massive amounts of money for a one nighter.

This year though, I am pretty pleased with how things worked out...

I am a taxidermy deer head! 

This costume is one of my favorites because it was cheap and easy to make and I feel comfortable and pretty in it without having to be slutty. 

There are 3 parts to it and it is a quick and easy last minute costume: 

The antlers and ears are just a basic headband.  I picked up this paper mache deer head  from the craft store and painted it an off white color.  Then I just cut the antlers off and glued them to the headband.  It is a lot of weight, so I then used some white duct tape to offer a little more support and keep them attached and in place.  The ears are simple to make : just cut two tear drop shapes out of felt - darker felt being a little larger, glue the light felt on top and fold and crimp the base as you attach it to the headband. 

The mount is just cut out of foam core with a circle in the middle and then a cut up the back (to allow a little folding to get in and out of it).  Just cover the foam core in some wood grain style contact paper and use a bit of gold paper to make a little engraving tag and you are done.  Mine was a little rough around the edges when you get close up, but it worked! ;)

The makeup is the key.  It's actually not very hard and you don't need a lot of fancy tools of products - I had just about everything in my makeup case already!  I followed this tutorial and just edited it a little and simplified to remove the lower lashes and lighten up some of the use of black to my liking!

It also makes a perfect easy couples costume when you team up with a hunter...

I'm having so much fun with it all.

What are you for wearing for halloween this year?!
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