Weekly Wishes

07 October 2013

I missed a week on the Weekly Wishes, but I am really love the idea of publicly setting goals and I've been really grateful for the sense of community and support that come from this link up, so I am excited to pick back up again!

I set a goal to simply indulge in fall.  That is exactly what I did.

I did a little fall crafting and this super fun dollar store skeleton wreath from Southern Scraps & hung it on my office door.  I also added a a few more touches in the office with a sparkly skull and apple cider scented reed diffuser...it adds some fall cheer to my daily grind.  I spent some time cozied up with a cup of tea (with my amazing mana-tea diffuser!) & I broke out the slow cooker for the first time made some big batches of hot soup to warm the chilly nights.  When the rain broke for awhile, it gave me a chance to Saturday afternoon was spent driving out into small towns and beautiful landscapes and picking out the perfect pumpkin at a fall festival complete with hot apple cider.   This all really made the changing of the seasons more of a celebration that an end of something.

Next week, I intent to:

Be grateful: Gratitude is a huge theme in my life all the time and I want to keep it at the top of my mind.  These past few weeks have been full of a lot of stress and worry for my health.  There was a potential brain surgery on the table & I went in for an MRI on Monday, but after a few worry-filled days I found out the results were clear!  I've spent enough time on worry these past couple of weeks and I want to move on and celebrate how lucky I am to be ok after that close call.

Create: I haven't been doing very much crafting lately and this week I want to at least just create one new thing.  And I want to blog about it.  I also hope to amp up and create more content for the blog this week since it's been a bit neglected.

Eliminate extra spending: It's been an adjustment to change jobs and wages and I need to focus on my financial goals.  I am going to make a promise to myself this week that I need to cut out all the extra little things and stop eating out and instead work on maintaining and building my savings.  I am setting some savings goals that will hopefully allow me to make some of my big travel dreams happen in the next year.

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What are you guys planning this week?

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