101 Adorable Valentine Puns!

24 January 2013

I obviously really like puns & there is no better holiday to break out the puns than on Valentine's Day!  A silly little pun paired with a cute image is a recipe for valentine perfection in my book.  It harkens back to my favorite valentines of the 30s, 40s, & 50s.

A silly pun is the perfect starting point for your crafty valentine making this year, so dive in and shower your friends and loved ones with some punny love!

And so, I present to you, 101 of my very favorite Valentine puns...

Animal puns:
Bat : I am batty about you
Bear :  Can’t bear to be without you
Bees : Bee mine / You are the bees knees
Butterfly : You make my heart all aflutter
Cat : You’re the cat’s meow
Cuddlefish : Wanna cuddle?
Deer : Happy Valentine’s Day, Deer / You're such a deer
Dinosaur : You are dino-mite
Elephant : Don’t forget to be my Valentine
Fish : Hooked on you / You're a catch
Fox : You are foxy
Hippo : I love you a ton
Kangaroo : Hop to it and be my Valentine
Lion : I ain’t lion when I say I love you
Monkey : I’m hanging around to be your Valentine
Mosquito : I can’t resist you
Octopus : I’m a sucker for you / my arms long for you
Otter : Glad you are my significant otter
Owl :  Owl always love you
Porcupine : I pine for you
Sheep : I love ewe
Skunk : I am so scenti-mental about you
Snake : You’re the besssssst
Tiger : You are grrrrreat
Whale : Whale you be my valentine

Button: You are cute as a button
Gardening Tools : I dig you
Glue, Stickers : I am stuck on you
Knitting, Yarn: Wool you be my valentine
Marker or Pen : You are just write for me
Ruler : You rule
Scissors : You're a cut above the rest
Sewing Supplies : Sew in love, I love you sew much (super simple gift idea!)

Apple : You are the apple of my eye
Banana: I’m bananas for you
Berry : You are berry sweet
Cake : You take the cake
Candy : Have a sweet Valentine’s Day / You’re sweet, Valentine
Coffee : You perk up my heart / I like you a latte
Cooking supplies, Stove : What's cookin good lookin
Fortune Cookies : I’m fortunate to be with you
Hot Cocoa : You warm my heart
Hot Dog : Frankly, I like you
Ice Cream : You melt my heart
Mason Jar, Canned Goods : You can be my valentine
Measuring Cups, Spoons, Measuring Tape : Our love is immeasurable
Mints : We are mint to be
Nuts : I’m nuts about you
Olives : Olive you
Orange : You’re my main squeeze / Orange you glad you're my valentine?
Peach : You are such a peach!
Peanut Butter & Jelly : We go together like peanut butter and jelly
Pear : We are the perfect pear
Peas : We are two peas in a pod
Pie : You’re a cutie pie
Plum : You are plum perfect for me
Pretzel : You tie my heart in knots
Soda : I'd soda like to be your valentine
Soup : You’re souper
Tea : You are pre-tea cute / You fit me to a tea / You are my cup of tea

Beaker : You have the formula for my love
Book : You’re tops in my book
Calculator : You + Me = Love
Glasses : I only have eyes for you
Robot : I'm nuts & bolts about you / I like you a bot
Rock You rock my world
Rocketship, Astronaut : You are out of this world / my heart soars for you
Stethoscope, EKG : My heat beats for you
Superhero : I think you're super
X-Ray : My heart radiates for you

Arrow : You make my heart quiver
Band-Aid : I’m stuck on you
Bandit : You stole my heart
Boat : You float my boat
Bowling : You are striking / you bowl me over
Boxing gloves : You’re a knock out
Broom : You sweep me off my feet
Car : You drive me crazy
Chandelier : You light up my heart / I fancy you
Cowboy: Glad to have you as my pardner
Cuckoo Clock : I am cuckoo for you
Drum: My heart beats for you
Dump Truck: I dig you
Fire: You warm my heart
Key : You have the key to my heart
Letter : You are write for me
Lightbulb : you light up my heart
Map, Compass : I’m lost without you
Matches : We’re a perfect match
Mittens : I’m smitten
Motorcycle, Bicycle : I wheelie like you
Pirate : You Arrrrrr Wonderful
Puzzle : We’re the perfect fit / You complete me
Record : Just for the record, I love you
Record Player : I like having you around
Socks : You rock my socks
Typewriter : You are just my type
Umbrella : I would like to shower you with love
Viking : I've taking a viking to you
Watch, Clock :  I love you big time
Woodgrain, Tree : Wood you be my Valentine?
What are your favorite puns?  What did I miss?

Here are a few simple gifts you can make with these cute puns...


  1. I think my favorites are the hotdog and the viking ones. They are gold.

  2. After seeing these, I made a valentine with a picture or a sheep and it said "I love ewe. Wool you be my valentine?" A lot of these are great and I wish I'd seen them earlier because I just made a bunch of valentines for assisted living old people. I spent the whole time trying to think of puns and only came up with one. The front of the card said, "What time is it right now?" and the inside said, "It's Valen-time!" and I drew a heart-shaped clock.

  3. Your post is very puny. Reading your post I can remember my puny memories. One day I & my friends were playing at night after load shedding occurred. It was funny but fearful also. I was searching for my friends in the darkness but they concealed themselves from my eye. It was dark outside & I was searching. In the mean time, Suddenly one of them came in front of me like a ghost. I was crying to see sudden surprise. Oh! That was very puny.

    ------Hasib Sarker
    My Website

  4. Just read this on another site: I "moustache" you to be my Valentine.

  5. Very nice puns! I've been looking for these kinds of puns today. Time to share...

  6. I was looking for one with nemo, (this valentines im going to touch your butt, happy valentines day)

  7. Hi there, I really love this list of puns! In a recent attempt to try and improve my hand lettering, I've been using puns from this list to illustrate love notes and I thought you might enjoy seeing them. Attached are a couple. I also upload them to my Instagram feed, which you can find here: www.instagram.com/artdork Enjoy, thanks! :)

    1. For a lollipop you can try I'm a sucker for you

  8. cuuute! :) checked out ur instagram~ cool art!

  9. I love these puns, just what I was looking for!

  10. For a lollipop it can be im a sucker for you

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