32 before 32

17 February 2015

I started this list a few months ago right after my 31st birthday.  It's been a bit of a work in progress, but I'm really optimistic about being able to cross many of these amazing things off the list in the next 10 months before I turn 32!

32 before 32

1. Have my ear surgery with a happy and supported recovery
2. Swim with whale sharks
3. See a bioluminescent bay
4. Take a glass blowing class
5. Visit a manatee sanctuary
6. Explore Mayan ruins
7. Learn a traditional Belizian dish
8. Take at least two trips to new places
9. Make bagels from scratch
10. Finish an embroidery project
11. Attend Chocolatefest 2015
12. Host a themed party
13. Have brunch at: Beast, Roman Candle, and Olympic Provisions
14. Send a surprise gift to a friend
15. Find a new therapist that I can grow with
16. Grow my savings account by at least 25%
17. Make fruit wine from scratch
18. See the Painted Hills
19. Teach a canning class
20. Learn to scuba dive
21. Prioritize friendships that matter
22. Rent a house on the coast or mountains for a girls weekend
23. Plant a fall garden
24. Clean out my closet and donate
25. Write 3 guest blog posts (Maybe for YOU?! Get in touch!)
26. Rebrand my blog
27. Wear a dress every day for 2 full weeks
28. Start the process of buying my first home
29. Pay off all my debts
30. View a meteor shower
31. Set up my perfect bar cart for the house
32. Use my 32nd birthday as an excuse to travel somewhere new

I'm headed to Belize in just 6 short weeks to swim with whale sharks, learn scuba diving, and exploring Myan ruins!  I absolutely can't wait for this trip!

What are your plans/goals for the year?

A Perfect Tea Party.

09 February 2015

I often feel that sometimes my life lacks ceremony. I don't have a lot of family or cultural tradition of my own. I grew up in a culture of fast moving convenience and it seems that life leaves little room to stop and celebrate and embrace moments. This weekend, I had one of those rare perfect afternoons with just the right balance of cheesy and sweet celebratory tradition. And better yet, I got to do it with the amazing company of a long time friend (visit her at Ponyboy Press & Cedar Chest!)

We arrived at Myrtle's Tea House just in time for our 1pm reservation and were seated right by the window. It's was a dreary day, but the warmth of the little house filled with beautiful vintage tea pots and tea cups made the rain melt away.

We selected our tea from a list of what felt like hundreds of amazing options.

The pots arrived and we delicately added our dainty little sugar cubes from the gold gilded bowl.

We were each served a darling plate filled with 8 little perfect bites, fresh fruit, a crudite, and a warm tea cup full of homemade soup.

Next, we choose our next pot of dessert tea - I went with a chocolate rose. It was served with a beautiful assortment of tiny desserts. The tiny heartshaped fresh from the oven scone with strawberry butter was my favorite.

After tea, we visited the sweet little shop and pursued the antique tea cups, teas, and series of tea mystery books (did you know that was even a thing?! So cute!)

What cute ceremonious thing do you guys do?
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