13 July 2014

I've been participating in the 100 Happy Days challenge on instagram for the past few months and I just completed all 100 days!

It's been a really enlightening challenge. I feel like gratitude and appreciation of the small things is something that I have worked really hard to make a central theme in my life because I genuinely feel like it makes me a happier and better person.

It's been a rough start for this year. I lost my job and got brain surgery in January and that took a real toll on my heart this year. Shortly after surgery, I realized that I was lucky to have support system and to be recovering so quickly and so well. There was a lot of stress, but there was also a lot to be grateful for.

I started the 100 Happy Days challenge on March 24th and ended on July 4th. I missed a few days so it did take a few more than 100 days to finish. It was a really powerful experience to try to remember everyday to find some small thing to share and document that made me happy...even in the most boring or grumpy days, I had to look deep for something which helped refocus me and helped me to have less of those days that linger on.

It's incredible what I've done in 100 days. My life has changed so much in such a short time and it's so cool to have this to document it.

 Some of my favorite highlights from the past 100 happy days...

+Thailand! Obviously that's a huge one! Tigers, elephants, food, beautiful views. Amazing.
+Hosted a sweet pair of foster kittens for a few weeks until they could be adopted
+Lots of wonderful garden progress
+Beautiful meals with friends
+Watching Macaulay Culkin sing songs about pizza
+Reconnecting with an old friend
+Co-hosted a bridal shower and standing by a friend as she married the love of her life
+Lots and lots of canned good and canning swaps
+A trip to New York City
+A picnic in the park
+Celebrated two of my favorite people's birthdays
+Made some incredible meals that I'm proud of and happy I got to share
+Ended on a fantastic weekend adventure to the Oregon coast with a dear friend

Have you tried the happy days project or something like it?


  1. Love the photos!! You've had such a fun 100 days!

  2. Wow! That's so amazing what you've done in the past 100 days and that you actually were able to complete the challenge - what a great way to document one's time!

  3. Whoa! Congratulations!! You completed 100 Happy Days challenge. I tried and failed so many times :S Hmm you inspire me.. Maybe I should commit to it again for one last time.


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