30 August 2015

Oh my gosh! You guys, we bought a house!!

This month has been one of the more hectic months of my life.  Homebuying has been a rollercoaster for us.  The Portland market is insane and houses pop on and then off the market within 48 hours, so it's been a lot of quick decisions, offers made, outbids...then the inspections, structural engineering consults, funding, paperwork...but finally we made it through and it's official!  This beautiful home is ours!

The past couple of days, we've slowly moved some boxes and painted the whole main floor (with the help of an army of my amazing friends).   It's a really exciting and also nervewracking time for us.   With our budget and this Portland housing boom, we had to move further from our usual comfort zone in the city, so there is lots to explore and a change of scenery to get used to! Stay tuned for more photos and some exciting projects!


  1. Congratulations!! I hope you love it! :)

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