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Hi there!  I'm Sarah.  I'm a 29-year old lady living in Portland, Oregon.  As a young girl, my favorite memories were those of baking in the kitchen or picking strawberries and making jam with my mother and grandmother. This blog is, in many ways, my effort to reclaim those memories.  I am learning to rediscover my first love - domesticity.

My mother also taught me a love of crafting.  Few things bring me more joy than making something beautiful out of nothing.  That might also explain why I enjoy cooking & gardening so much.   I believe every day is a chance to learn something new and create something - even if it's just trying out a new recipe and making some delicious cupcakes.

I am an east coast girl who fell in love with the wrong coast.  I grew up just outside of Philadelphia, but I have been living in Portland for the past 10 years and I am absolutely in love with the city that I live in.  I tend to find ways to be inspired by this city daily.

I married my best friend last September & we live together along with our little miniature pincher (Ellie) - they are 2 loves of my life.

I can't resist a photobooth or a yard sale.  I collect vintage pyrex, nail polish, and manatee trinkets. I am thrifty - maybe even frugal, but I find a lot of joy in finding creative ways to not be wasteful!

You can get in touch with me at sarahswingset [at] gmail [dot] com, I would love to hear from you!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. New follower from the 52 lists link up and I think I am going to absolutely LOVE your blog! Do you have a blog button I can share with my readers? I've set up a free blogger swap using passionfruit ads and would love to have you on my sidebar! You can find the deets on my sponsor page (http://www.theyoungretiree.com/p/sponsor-tyr.html) and the code for the tiny blogger box is right there in the description! I can't wait to get to know you more after reading all about you here!

    1. Oh my gosh, so sorry it took me so long to reply to your comment! Thank you so much!! It's always so exciting to hear that people are reading and enjoying it! Your blog is so cute as well, it's a great design and I love how upbeat it is!! I am working on getting some new ads designed this week and I will definitely be submitted on for sponsorship for your blog soon! <3

  2. Really an adorable and informative blog. Thank u for sharing.

  3. So happy you stopped by my blog because it led me to yours!! xox

  4. Ahh, I LOVE vintage Pyrex...I have a set of 3 bowls in the "new dots" pattern, but am missing the largest one...which I think I have more fun looking for than actually finding.


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